25 02, 2013

E97: Guns N Bunnies

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In this episode hosts Aaron and Jason share their single biggest mistake on the farm. Listen now...

16 01, 2013

E95: ITRH Farm Update & New Project

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Hosts Aaron and Jason give an update to the urban farm project and discuss the debut of a huge new project. Listen now...

17 09, 2012

E84: Urban Farming Update

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Hosts Aaron and Jason discuss the latest lessons learned from their adventures in Urban Farming. Listen now...

16 01, 2012

E51: 1 Year Anniversary

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Host Aaron and Jonathan are joined by Jason and Jeep to discuss lessons learned from the past year and what to expect going forward...

3 11, 2011

How To Build a Rabbit Hutch

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Nearly 8 months ago I embarked on an urban self sufficiency project. While the last few months have been rather quiet, the start was busy. Among the first tasks Jason McConniel and I tackled was building a suspended rabbit hutch complete with automatic watering system. Using a modified version of the plans from [...]

1 06, 2011

Review of Storey’s Guide to Raising Rabbits

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Many readers call Storey's Guide to Raising Rabbits "the best rabbit book ever!". But, why? Storey's Guide to Raising Rabbits is authored by Bob Bennett. Mr. Bennett first became acquainted with rabbits at age 12 when he earned a Boy Scout merit badge for raising them. He has authored six books on the subject of [...]

28 04, 2011

Self Sufficiency

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Among the things I will ramble on about skills, self reliance, and liberty rank in the top few - it's become an obsession. Lately I have been looking for ways to make my life more resilient to the unpredictable world around us. With food stored, new skills always in the works, and caches spreading I asked myself, "How [...]