Among the things I will ramble on about skills, self reliance, and liberty rank in the top few – it’s become an obsession. Lately I have been looking for ways to make my life more resilient to the unpredictable world around us. With food stored, new skills always in the works, and caches spreading I asked myself, “How far can I really go?”

Since I was a small child I have always loved experiments. With this post a new category will be started on the site titled Self Sufficiency. It will chronicle experiments in trying to remove one’s self as far off the grid as possible while remaining in the city and part of society.

Rabbit Cages

Finished Construction

The first experiment will be centered around food. Water may be more important in the scheme of things, but at the moment their aren’t any major an imminent issues around water. Food on the other hand is experiencing significant inflation and at the rate I eat meat, it’s getting pricy.

Yep, I said meat. Live stock was more appealing to me than gardening. That being said, gardening will be the next phase of this experiment. By then there should be plenty of Rabbit manure to work with.

Rabbit Cages

Cages hung in place and water system installed

I already gave it away, but I chose Rabbits for the live stock. Why Rabbits? Well, you will just have to tune in to next weeks episode of the Urban Survival Podcast – Episode 15 – to find out

This past weekend Jason McConneil, the “Redneck Resource”, and I kicked things off by building Rabbit Cages. We spent approximately 8 1/2 hours working on them and by the time we were finished we were rather impressed with ourselves. We shot video of the whole thing and in two weeks it will be up on YouTube.