Best Urban Survival and Preparedness
Podcast Without the
Doom and Gloom

In The Rabbit Hole is about focusing first on the things that matter most: What’s likely to happen.
Then preparing for it in a rational and productive way.

How to Stop Worrying And Actually Be More Prepared

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Over 49,506 people a month, just like you, listen to
ITRH Urban Survival.

Let’s see what some have to say…

First and foremost I would like to thank you guys for what I call a preppers breath of fresh air. You guys do things the way it should be done. Yeah, to each its own but the last thing we need is a chaotic environment when we ARE preparing for something which is most likely a bit chaotic itself.

The calm approach to survival without the paranoid, loud doomsday chant will actually encourage non preppers to see it as a positive way of life. They will see that are a lot of us that are more down to earth and don’t spend our entire budget on camping gear so that when the aliens arrive we head for the hills.

Keep up the good work! I look forward to your podcast!

Carlos G
Practical Information for the masses!

I am only a few episodes in but I really like the way this podcast is done. The hosts are what I would call normal guys. By that I mean they are not overtly political and they give practical advice for people on situations that are more likely to happen to them.

While I think there could some sort of global pandemic or the electrical grid could get hacked, I know that I am going to suffer snow/ice storms, blackouts and tornadic activity and it is nice to hear ideas on how to deal with those issues.

This is a great prodcast!

Great sound quality and excellent content. This podcast focuses on disaster preparedness for the fast majority of us that live in an urban environment.

The hosts of the podcast do a great job of pointing out the importance of practical preparedness as well as the development of various skills.


Yes, that is us featured by iTunes between some Hollywood heavyweights. >>

Featured on iTunes

The Quick History

After years of being frustrated that no one was fully addressing the concerns of urban survivalists, Aaron and Jonathan took to the web and founded In The Rabbit Hole in February of 2010. Shortly after they’re long time friend and accomplice Jason joined the show to add a touch of “Red Neck Cajun”. Since then the show has enjoyed many great guests and a wide range of topics.

They are three city boys with a lifetime affinity for the outdoors, but a love of the city, passion for survival topics, and Libertarian Ideals.

It quickly became about a lot more…

ITRH Urban Survival Podcast focuses on the important things first: What’s likely to happen. Then preparing for it as urban survivalists in a rational and productive way.

These priorities of urban survival come from the focal points of Community, Health and Intelligence–referred to as “Survival CHI”.

Through a weekly podcast and articles, Aaron, Jonathan, and Jason remind people to “Stay safe and sound”. (Safe in person and sound in mind.)

From the Lone Star State, the trio reach out to people who are interested in taking personal responsibility for their own safety and well-being…

…And who just happen to live in the city.

Provide rational conversations and lessons on survival.
The foundation of the entire show and blog, Survival CHI is what guides it all: Community, Health, and Intelligence. It’s what keeps In The Rabbit Hole all about rational practical preparedness.
“Stay safe and sound.”
Meaning: Stay safe in person and sound in mind.

Simply put…

ITRH Urban Survival Podcast is a weekly podcast that focuses on all aspects of Modern Urban Survival. Hosts Aaron, Jason, and Jonathan cover topics such as:

  • Self Sufficiency
  • Food Storage
  • Homesteading in the city
  • Survival Book, Video, and Gear Reviews
  • Starting Off as a New Prepper
  • Financial Survival
  • Self Reliance
  • Preparing for Natural Disasters
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Firearms, Guns, and things that go bang
  • Self Defense
  • Disaster Psychology

Not sure where to begin?

Two of ITRH’s most acclaimed episodes that paint a clear picture of what the Podcast is about are:

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The most recent episodes…

Over 49,506 people a month, just like you, love
In The Rabbit Hole

In their own words…

Finally… urban prep.

These guys are so down to eart ,regular kind of people. They talked about prepping in a realistic way. I really enjoy the shows.

Great Show!

This podcast is great, very informative and thought provoking. It makes the 1 hour drive to work quicker.

Entertaining and Informative

I listened to the interview of the gal from Naked and Afraid, and the guy from Death Valley Magazine today. Truly great entertainment. The guy from Death Valley provided one fo the best and most practical interviews on prep’ing and survival when the chips are down that I have heard. I look forward to additaionl work from these cats.

Finally… articulate, thought through, common sense survival

I cam across this gem of a podcast last week, and was instantly hooded! I’ve listened to all episodes twice. As someone interested in prepping, homesteading, and also just recreational outdoor activities, I have had many thoughts and ideas that seldom see themselves organized and made into reality. I’ve never felt more mentally organized or inspired to implement. Sadly, it’s a rare thing to hear intelligent survival talk, that’s interesting without fear-mongering. These guys truly are laid back, down to earth dudes offering practical and sound advice. They seem to have geeked out far more than I can afford to, edited their findings, and put a little bow on it, just for us. This is a near-perfect podcast. I’m an eager and now loyal listener.

An interesting find

The guys help move the survival conversation forward by being realistic about what disasters a person in an urban environment may face.

Nice change

I am a daily listener to TSP but I have to say as of late I find myself listening to this podcat over TSP! I’m glad I found your podcast that deals more to me, the casual prepper and not the Doomsday prepper living on 50 acres in an underground school bus, not that I don’t think that’s AWESOME!! Keeup up the great work!

Through the looking glass

I started out gardening a couple of years ago. Made some pickles, jarred some tomatoes and started looking at food storage and skill sets long gone. That was my slow gradual slide into the prepper world. Problem was, most of who I was running into was a bit too fringe for me and my particular situation. These guys sound like my inner circle of friends. Good and REASONABLE information delivered with peaceful and intelligent spirits. All that without taking themselves too seriously. Keep up the good work guys. I am a loyal listener.


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