20 11, 2015

18650 Lanterns

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Lately we've been talking about high-end flashlights using 18650 batteries. And over the last year I've accumulated a lot of the batteries and replaced my flashlights with Olight lights using these batteries. But this got me to thinking: Why doesn't someone make a lantern using 18650 batteries? Seems I should have looked before asking; a [...]

29 11, 2013

Tactical Poncho of Tacticaleliciousness

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Think ponchos aren't exciting, or there's no such thing as a tactical poncho? Maybe you've never seen the Hazard4 Poncho Villa Technical Soft Shell Poncho. (Not to be confused with Pancho Villa--the Mexican Revolutionary General.) I've always carried a Poncho in my BOB and car bag. Rain Ponchos are more versatile than a rain coat and fit [...]

28 07, 2011

Potassium permanganate: The Most Useful Survival Chemical

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When people think about survival tools, chemicals are usually not one of the first things that come to mind. Potassium permanganate should, though.