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Recent ITRH Survival Podcast Episodes

E300: The Final ITRH Podcast Episode (for now)

E300: The Final ITRH Podcast Episode (for now)

Tune in for the final episode and hear Aaron interviewed by a listener.
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E299: The Best of ITRH Part II

E299: The Best of ITRH Part II

Just one episode left.
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Best of ITRH Part 1

E298: Best of ITRH Part 1

Announcements and a special best of episode. This is part one of a two part final series.
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E297: You Need To Know This One Thing About Survival

E297: You Need To Know This One Thing About Survival

We discuss the one big thing I hope you take away from this season about survival, preparedness, and survivalism--one thing that REALLY matters.
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Where to Start...

These are ITRH’s most acclaimed episodes that paint a clear picture of what the Podcast is about are and what you should know getting into preparedness and survivalism:

What We Do...

Our mission is to help you stay safe in person and sound in mind while making the dark topic of survival and preparedness fun and approachable.

And did we mention, survival is our jam! ITRH takes listeners through the journey of becoming better prepared for whatever comes next. We don’t shy away from topics. But we also call ourselves out when the tinfoil hats get a little too tight too.

Why We Do It & A Quick History...

Aaron and Jonathan took to the web and founded In The Rabbit Hole Urban Survival in February of 2010 after years of being frustrated. You see, no one was adequately addressing the concerns of urban survivalists.

There was also a lack of reason, practicality, and humor in most other information sources. These deficits in thinking and presentation diminished the validity of the community in their estimates.

Shortly after the show started, long-time friend and accomplice in shenanigans, Jason joined the show to add a touch of “Red Neck Cajun.” Since then the show enjoyed many great guests and a wide range of topics.

They are three “city boys” with a lifetime love for the outdoors, an affinity for city life, passion for urban survival, and a focus on libertarian ideals.

In ladder years of the show, Jonathan and Jason each went on “baby sabbatical.” The two still made annual appearances and the rest of the time Aaron held down the fort with weekly subject matter expert guests.

Currently, the show is not in production. Aaron decided in late 2019 the show had contributed enough to the survival body of knowledge. This decision was made shortly before ITRH produced 300 episodes.

Aaron also had personal projects that would be his focus going forward. You can learn more about why production stopped and what’s next in this episode: WTF is Happening to ITRH

Featured Survival Articles

Freeze Dried Strawberries

Is freeze dried food nutritious and does it last?

There is one thing for certain, freeze-drying food extends the life of an edible product that would otherwise rot in its fresh form.
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Ares Ranger Belt

Ares Ranger belts may just be the best on the market for the serious gear connoisseur. Hold up your pants and provide a solid platform for your gun. Read on...
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PIG FDT Alpha Touch Gloves

Two things people don’t give enough thought to protecting: Eyes and hands. Today, were going to talk about gloves. Read on...
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Featured Urban Survival Episodes

E296: The 7 Best Lessons From Professional Gun Slingers

E296: The 7 Best Lessons from Professional Gunslingers

We cover the best advice shared by professional gun slingers and tactical trainers from over the years. Listen or watch here now...
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E294: Special Survival CHI Final Summation

E294: Survival CHI Final Summation

We return to the source: Survival CHI—corny name, but the serious model ITRH was founded on.
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E293: Fundamentals Of The Survival Model Basic-8 Made Easy

E293: Fundamentals of the Survival Model Basic-8 Made Easy

We go back to basics with a short discussion on the basic-8 survival model. It’s easy to understand and remember simple mental model for ensuring your preparedness bases are covered.
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E281: A Simple Beginner's Guide To Practical Preparedness

E281: A Simple Beginner’s Guide to Practical Preparedness

We go back to basics with a beginner’s guide to preparedness--a much-requested episode even by some long-time practitioners.
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