8 08, 2011

Episode 29: The Wolf and The Sheepdog

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Hosts Aaron and Jonathan interview John Smith - Author of The Wolf and The Sheepdog. Join us as we examine the life, trials, and joys of a law enforcement officer.

3 08, 2011

Black Diamond Storm Headlamp Review

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Headlamps are the most under appreciated of the flashlight world. People often think of them as "looking dorky". However, try one once and you will be hooked forever. There are three significant advantages headlamps have over handheld flashlights. First, wherever you look the light shines. Second, your hands are free for tasks. Third, if you [...]

27 07, 2011

Nokero N200 Review

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Friday Gear Report: 6/24/11 brought you the Nokero N200; the second in a line of solar light bulb products from Nokero. Where the original Nokero N100 left me underwhelmed, the N200 picked up the slack. The Nokero N200 features a three-position switch allowing the user to choose from: off, low output, and high output. On its [...]

20 07, 2011

Steamlight Nano Review

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$100 and up tactical flashlights are cool, but carrying them around in a pocket can be a hassle. Not to mention they are a tad unnecessary for most people's EDC needs. Six months ago I added a $6.45 Steamlight Nano to my keychain and have not been disappointed once since. Measuring just 1.47 inches in length [...]

13 07, 2011

Benchmade Triage 915 Review

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The Benchmade Triage 915 is a well designed knife for emergency responders and people looking for a good EDC Knife that is not Tacticool. However, it has its imperfections. Tactical pocket folding knives are great for, well tactical applications. But, for the 99% of us who are probably never going to be in a force-on-force [...]

22 06, 2011

The Urban Homestead Review

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The Urban Homestead is hands-down a fantastic book that should be on every Urban Survivalist's bookshelf or eBook reader. Authored by Kelly Coyne and Erik Knutzen, The Urban Homestead is written in a light and conversational tone, with an "it's easy" attitude that make readers feel like they are getting advice from an old friend. [...]