Sheepdogs are the men and women that protect us for the worst among us. From their tales, we can best learn what violent encounters look and feel like. We can also be assured when they share stories of the best among us Рthose ordinary civilians that step forward in times of need.

Hosts Aaron and Jonathan interview John Smith – Author of The Wolf and The Sheepdog. Join us as we examine the life, trials, and joys of a law enforcement officer.

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  • Who is author John Smith?
  • Why Police Officers were often troubled youths.
  • Maintaining a healthy mind as a Sheepdog.
  • Maintaining a healthy marriage as a Sheepdog.
  • An officer’s most difficult part of the job.
  • Why Sheepdogs brave the darkest aspects of humanity.
  • What survivalist can learn from a Police Officer’s experiences.