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Maxpedition Last Resort Tactical Attache Review

The Maxpedition Last Resort Tactical Attache is a great EDC bag for folks who are not terribly concerned with being “grey”. Even though my “gear” has been paired way back, and I would prefer to be more subdued in my appearance, I still really like the Last Resort Tactical Attache and carry it daily.

Several years ago I hung up my Tumi Attache for something a lot more rugged. I felt I needed something that could carry all my survival gear and that I wouldn’t mind getting dirty.

The feature I love the most is the hidden gun pocket on the side of the bag. With the quick pull of a D-Ring a hidden compartment is exposed. It’s hidden well enough that when I first got the bag I had to watch a video to figure out where the pocket was. The interior of the pocket is partially lined with velcro, where a specially designed holster and magazine holster can be adhered. This makes excellent easy access storage of a firearm when you can’t carry on your person, concealed well enough ““ or for a backup piece.

The water bottle pocket on the front of the bag does a great job of holding a bottle firmly in place. The pocket features well thought out touches like a grommeted bottom so condensation build-up can drain out, and an elastic band to pull over the top of the bottle to make sure it goes nowhere.

Pockets, pockets, and more pockets. This tactical attache has four Velcro closures on the away- facing side of the bag. Each is perfect for organizing gear, gizmos, and other small objects. It is largely the busyness of the pockets that conceals the hidden gun pocket from casual observers, and often more serious scrutinizing looks.

The inside-facing side of the bag features a zipped compartment with its own set of pockets, cracks, and crevices to fill. There is even an open top pocket that fits my iPad perfectly, as well as some paperwork; and keeps them separated from the other less delicate contents of my bag.

The center interior of the bag features a decent size zipped compartment that can fit a laptop and an inch or two of paperwork, or the latest Tom Clancy novel. The center compartment comes with a removable center divider covered in hook and loop on both sides.

I make fun of a lot of Maxpedition bags, but while the Last Resort Tactical Attache is fairly tacticalishious (yes, I am making up words), it has never garnered much attention from TSA, various LEOs, or a team of masked FAL toting Mexican Federales in the woods – long story.


Black is, well, always the new black. Khaki, ACU, and digital camo are harder to pull off in an everyday lifestyle that does not carry a high likelihood of a force on force encounter.

In my usual dress of a Polo and cargo shorts, the bag does not stand out terribly. However, this is not a bag I would sling over my shoulder while wearing a suit. 5.11 Tuxedo1, it would fit nicely. With a suit or trendy clothing, forget it.

Final Opinion

The Maxpedition Last Resort Tactical Attache while being more tactical than the average urban survivalist would prefer is still a pretty awesome bag. Lots of storage space, rugged construction, and a hidden pouch make this a great EDC Bag.

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