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Black Diamond Storm Headlamp Review

Black Diamond Storm HeadlampHeadlamps are the most under appreciated of the flashlight world. People often think of them as “looking dorky”. However, try one once and you will be hooked forever.

There are three significant advantages headlamps have over handheld flashlights. First, wherever you look the light shines. Second, your hands are free for tasks. Third, if you lose your balance, your light is not going to go flying into the brush because you didn’t put your hand through the leash and opened your hands to catch yourself.

While headlamps do not completely negate the usefulness of handheld flashlights, headlamps do kick their butt when it comes to prolonged usage and the ability to use both hands.

There are a lot of brands and styles to choose from, but one of my personal favorites is the Black Diamond Equipment Storm Headlamp.

Features At A Glance:

  • 1 Triple Power LED, 2 Single Power LED, and 2 Red Single Power LEDs offer multiple light options
  • Red night vision mode has proximity and strobe settings and activates without cycling through white LED light mode
  • Settings include full strength in proximity and distance modes, infinite dimming, strobe, red night vision, and lock mode
  • Three-level power meter shows battery life of the 4 AAA batteries
  • IPX 7 water resistance rating meaning it can withstand Immersion for 30 minutes at a depth of up to 1 meter.
  • 100 lumen max output, 200 hour max burn time (using dual Single Power LEDs)

Power consumption to usable light output is fantastic! Where my handheld flashlights gulp down CR123 batteries like a game of Hungry Hungry Hippo, the Storm Headlamp gently sips at it’s AAAs.

With three basic modes to choose from you get just enough light. The high spot light setting is good for seeing into the distance with focused light. The low broad beam setting casts enough light for walking and 95% of the tasks you will be doing in the dark without draining batteries unnecessarily. Last, but not least, the low broad Red setting can be used to preserve your own night vision.

The lock mode is a great feature that has been recently added to most of the Black Diamond line of headlamps. It locks down the power button to keep from those accidental battery drains. It’s a feature I wish all flashlights came with. There is nothing more annoying than reaching for a light that turns out to be dead because it got turned on accidentally in your bag.

At $48 bucks, the Black Diamond Equipment Storm Headlamp is very reasonable for what you get. It delivers exactly what you need in a durable, feature rich, long-lasting, easy to use headlamp.

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