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Windmill Stormproof Butane Lighter Review

Windmill Stormproof Butane LighterThe Windmill Stormproof Butane lighter has proven itself through numerous camping trips, river rapids, general abuse, and a year in a BOB. I’d say it stood up very well.

Fire is one of the most basic of survival tools. Based on archaeological evidence, it is presumed that mankind has been controlling fire all the way back to the very early days of Homo Sapiens (approximately 230,000 years or more, depending on who you ask… Neanderthal).

Thankfully, you don’t have to rub two sticks together to light a lass’s cigarette anymore. The advent of the modern butane lighter is a far cry from the days of primitive fire making techniques.

My Windmill lighter has hung from a loop of Paracord through river rapids, tons of camping trips, and Project Appleseed shoots. In three years of service, it has never failed to light. The closure latch has never stuck or broken. Most impressively, it holds its charge beyond expectations.

Typically I keep mine in a pocket of my EDC bag, tucked away. Occasionally it comes out for the random task. Every time I extract it from my bag I expect to find it empty, but the charge is always good – minus drainage from actual use.

Under constant daily use, I can’t attest to the Windmill Stormproof lighter’s durability. However, based on what I have seen of mine, they hold up better than expectations.

If you are in the market for a Butane lighter, give the Windmill Stormproof Butane Lighter some serious consideration.

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