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Steamlight Nano Review

Steamlight Nano Flashlight

$100 and up tactical flashlights are cool, but carrying them around in a pocket can be a hassle. Not to mention they are a tad unnecessary for most people’s EDC needs. Six months ago I added a $6.45 Steamlight Nano to my keychain and have not been disappointed once since.

Measuring just 1.47 inches in length and weighing a minuscule 0.36 ounces, the Steamlight Nano packs 10 lumens in a sturdy little package. This, and the attached clip, makes it small enough to fit comfortably on a keychain, zipper pull of a backpack, or just about anywhere.

While 10 lumens may not sound like much, it’s plenty to light your way and find things in the dark. You really don’t need 100 lumens for 99% of the things you are trying to see in the dark – unless you want to also blind what you are looking for.

The Nano is made to take some abuse. Constructed of machined aircraft aluminum with an anodized finish, it takes a licking and keep on shining.

Single mode operation is simple. Just twist the head clockwise to activate the keychain flashlight and twist to turn off. It does some times turn on in your pocket, but four alkaline button cell batteries (included) give 8 hours  of run time.

The Steamlight Nano is a perfect EDC flashlight for people looking for light weight convenience in a small, inexpensive, yet durable package.

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