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Scribbling, ramblings, and words about things and stuff related to survival, liberty, survival skills, and survival gear. (Maybe some other stuff too.)
2008, 2015

Power Pallet

Want a gasification generator but don't have the time to build one? You're in luck. (Not so lucky for your wallet.) Read on...

1408, 2015

PIG FDT Alpha Touch Gloves

Two things people don’t give enough thought to protecting: Eyes and hands. Today, were going to talk about gloves. Read on...

708, 2015

Mission Critical Baby Carrier

You may have a new teammate who drools, babbles, and poops himself--minus alcohol breath. But that doesn't mean your tacticool lifestyle is over. Read on...

108, 2015

ITRH Season 5 Starts August 3rd

Season 5 of ITRH Urban Survival Podcast is just hours away! And we have some exciting news to share with you. Read on...

3107, 2015

HSGI Double Decker Tactical TACO

Meet the High Speed Gear Double Decker TACO®. It's happy to have you stick a pistol and AR mag in it's mouth at the same time. Read on...

1707, 2015

VerTex Covert EDC Gamut Plus Backpack

Meet Vertex's new covert EDC Gamut Plus backpack... Vertex has released a line of covert EDC bags, as we've detailed over the last few weeks. And this week we're up to the backpack for those [...]

1007, 2015

Personal Doomsday Tank

Let's face it, the Mad Max Zombie Apocalypse is coming. And when it does, you're going to want a tank. Read on now...

307, 2015

Covert EDC Messenger Bag

Covert messenger bags for EDC have long been wanted by the community. But we need something to hold our tactical tools without looking tacticool. Read on...

2606, 2015

Vertx Covert EDC Commuter Bag

Covert EDC bags for the tactically minded have long left us having to choose: Covert or overt. Meet the new line of bags putting an end to that. Read on...