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24 10, 2011

E40: How to Travel as a Prepper

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Hosts Aaron and Jonathan discuss traveling as a prepper. At some point in time all of us will have to go from point A to point B. Whether the mode of transportation is trains, planes, or automobiles, it's not time to let your guard down. However, you will have to do research and get creative.

31 08, 2011

Bikers, Cannibals, and Fornicators! Oh my!

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Patriots is a novel by Former U.S. Army intelligence officer and lifelong survivalist James Wesley Rawles. The story has existed in various forms and delivery methods since roughly 1995. It is probably one of the top five most discussed books within the Survivalist Community today. It's by far the most hotly debated book on the [...]

27 06, 2011

E23: TEOTWAWKI Discussions from Real to Crazy

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In this week's episode, hosts Aaron and Jonathan discuss their opinions about TEOTWAWKI.

26 10, 2010

Gimme Shelter: Modern Disaster Shelters

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  There are five main tenants of survival: Food, Water, Shelter, Warmth, and Security. The last two, warmth and security, you will find change from survival "expert" to survival expert, but the first three everyone agrees on. Shelter is often one that does not get enough attention. Preppers will focus on mountains of food, dozens [...]

10 09, 2010

The Colony Season Two Discover Channel

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The Colony premiers this July on the Discovery Channel. Personally, I have mixed feelings about last season and am thus hesitant about holding out hopes that this season will be any better. My biggest issue was the stereotypical and unimaginative motorcycle gang. I also felt the show was made overly sensational by introducing to many [...]