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The Colony Season Two Discover Channel

The Colony premiers this July on the Discovery Channel.

Personally, I have mixed feelings about last season and am thus hesitant about holding out hopes that this season will be any better. My biggest issue was the stereotypical and unimaginative motorcycle gang. I also felt the show was made overly sensational by introducing to many characters that were “hand-picked” with specialized skills. Will you be building an ozone water purification system when SHTF? Maybe, but not probably.trans reviews

Yes, I did say mixed feelings. On another hand I did enjoy the show. There were several ideas, techniques, and technologies that were introduced during the show I had never seen or thought of before. I also just like watching shows about TEOTWAWKI; makes sense since I write about this kind of stuff.

I am disappointed with the topic choice this season ““ biological/pandemic. They did this last season and I would have really liked to have seen a whole new disaster tried. After watching the preview clips on The Colony page of the Discovery Channel, it does look like they are going to put a different spin on it. Will the spin be big enough? We will all just have to watch and see.

The Colony’s second season premiers Tuesday, July 27 @ 10pm ET/PT.

When the season is done I will be offering up my thoughts and opinions.

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