In this episode, hosts Aaron and Jonathan discuss their opinions about TEOTWAWKI. Listen in as we walk through the best ways of deciding what to prepare for.

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Surviving TEOTWAWKI (aka the end of the world as we know it) is where a lot of preppers start. It makes sense: something terrifying wakes people up. Therefore, they start preparing for that world-ending SHTF event.

But the reality is this: These new preppers are focusing on the least likely thing to happen to them. It is far more probable they will encounter a personal tragedy or SHTF scenario than a TEOTWAWKI event.

Episode 23 is about evaluating the likelihood of what you are preparing for and getting the most benefit from your preps. Doing so allows you to prepare in a way that buttresses your life both for the likely and gets you 80% of the way there for the unlikely.

TEOTWAWKI Topics covered:

  • Why Aaron and Jonathan joke about Zombies
  • The pitfalls of focusing on civilization-ending scenarios
  • The Disaster Probability Matrix
  • Fallacies of the Horde
  • Planning for societal breakdowns using environmental context
  • EMPs
  • Red Flags in Survival Articles, Books, and Conversations