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18650 Lanterns

Lately, we’ve been talking about high-end flashlights using 18650 batteries. And over the last year, I’ve accumulated a lot of the batteries and replaced my flashlights with Olight lights using these batteries.

But this got me to thinking: Why doesn’t someone make a lantern using 18650 batteries?

Seems I should have looked before asking; a few companies do. What you end up with is a high output capable later. They’re also capable of providing light at some impressive times. And both of the following have some interesting recharging options for when electricity isn’t on tap from the grid.

First up is the BioLite NanoGrid:

biolite-nanogridA lighting and energy hub that fits in the palm of your hand.

PowerLight: 3-in-1, 200 Lm lantern, 250 Lm torch & powerbank

  • The battery can fill 3.5 GoPros, 3 phones, or run the light for up to 72 hrs
  • Dimmable lighting modes with an emergency strobe setting
  • USB rechargeable – charge from an outlet or BioLite stoves
  • Light range: 10 m (33 ft) – lantern; 100 m (328 ft) – torch

SiteLight set (2 lights): Chainable, overhead lights with 150 Lm each

  • Powered by PowerLight
  • 20 ft of connectivity – string your lights at key areas of your site
  • Individual on/off functionality or dim from PowerLight
  • Light range: 3 m (10 ft)

Run the entire system for up to 22 hours. Ideal for camping, reading, fishing/boating, and power outages.

You can get them here BioLite NanoGrid.

Next up is the GoalZero Lighthouse Mini:lighthouse-mini

Light up any situation with 210 lumens of bright LED light, or use the dimmable, DuaLite Directional Lighting feature to extend runtime. Recharge from USB, or a Goal Zero external solar panel. The Lighthouse Mini includes a built-in USB port to power small handheld devices to keep you connected to the ones who matter most. The Lighthouse Mini Lantern & USB Power Hub is the only lantern you will need.

  • Dimmable, Dual LED Light Adjust brightness and direction for extended runtimes, up to 500 hours on low. Fold-down legs for maximum light dispersion. Built-in hook and magnets for versatile mounting.
  • Recharge anywhere, anytime Power up from Goal Zero Nomad solar panels, plug into any USB port with the built-in charging cable, or swap out the internal battery with a spare 18650 Goal Zero Battery
  • Charge Phones and other USB gear Built-in 1A USB port with 3,000mAh battery for up to one full phone charge.

You can get it here GoalZero Lighthouse Mini.

(Full disclosure: Product links go to Amazon and we do receive a small affiliate love if you buy anything. It’s how we help pay the bills around here kids.)

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