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Tactical Poncho of Tacticaleliciousness

Hazard4 Poncho Villa the Tactical PonchoThink ponchos aren’t exciting, or there’s no such thing as a tactical poncho? Maybe you’ve never seen the Hazard4 Poncho Villa Technical Soft Shell Poncho. (Not to be confused with Pancho Villa–the Mexican Revolutionary General.)

I’ve always carried a Poncho in my BOB and car bag. Rain Ponchos are more versatile than a rain coat and fit over gear–not just your body. But most of them are of poor quality, admittedly.his poncho may be the upgrade you’ve wanted.

This poncho may be the upgrade you’ve wanted.

Hazard4®, the child company of Civilian Labs®, is a California based company specializing in innovative tactical gear. Civilian Labs spun up Harzard4 after years of specializing in outdoor and extreme sports gear and getting numbers requests for more tactically oriented products.

From manufacture product copy:

“Our thoroughly modernized version of the classic military poncho. It has more in common with technical sports jackets than the old vinyl camping stand-by that usually comes to mind. An industry first, it should reintroduce a generation to the functional benefits that are having no sleeves affords. Stuff the poncho into its front pocket for storage. It even has a vent for drying!”

Poncho Villa the Tactical Poncho Features:

  • Modernized version of the classic military poncho
  • 100% waterproof Fully taped seams throughout
  • Stuff into itself for storage
  • Size: One size fits most
  • Primary Material: Water-resistant, breathable soft shell

Typically, Friday Gear Reports are just that: An announcement about a new product of interest. And these aren’t meant to be endorsements or reviews. Therefore, we don’t usually include opinions about the function of the product.

But since originally publishing this, we’ve heard from several readers and listeners who’ve purchased a Poncho Villa Tactical Poncho. The verdict: They LOVE theirs. So if you’ve got the scratch and want a poncho that’s a cut above the average ho-hum, this may be right up your alley.

So if you’re looking for a unique gift for the prepper who has everything, check out the Poncho Villa by clicking here.

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