PIG Full Dexterity TacticalTwo things people don’t give enough thought to protecting: Eyes and hands. Today, were going to talk about hands.

Gloves are often forgotten. And that ends up being a big regret: blisters, cuts, and nasty abrasions.

But this could all be avoided by getting a good pair of gloves and keeping them with you. For a while now, many swore by the Mechanix gloves. However, there is a new (to some) little piggy on the block built like a brick shit house of hand protection by many accounts.

Meet the PIG FDT (Full Dexterity Tactical) Alpha Touch Gloves. They’re considered by many to be the new tacticoolest badasses with a snarky attitude. They feature such things as:

* Isolated padding – extra protection for katate chops to the face.
* Stretch ballistic nylon padded knuckeles–reinforces peoples skills.
* Tailored forschetters vented innies, tough outies.
* Bar-tacked Paracord pull loop – Yes, effin’ bar-tacked.
* Low profiel hook & loop wriest strap – reduced abrasion on clothing.
* Ventilation holes – enhanced airflow to keep hands drier.
* Sensitized trigger finger – ultra thin clarino.
* Single layer palm – bareback shooting sensation.
* Micro suede nose wipe – cold weather operations.
* Short cuff with loop – maximum comfort & convenience.
* Touchscreen thread – made from real silver & hair of unicorn pubis.

Must watch video here:

Get your PIG FDT Alpha Touch Gloves at SKD Tact. (Make sure to use the size chart.)