EDC Kits are just as important, if not more, than BOBs. And like bug out bags, they are often built incorrectly. Your buddy Just Carroll drops by for a realistic discussion on simplifying your EDC.

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Preppers spend a lot of time and energy deliberating on EDC kits. But there is a tendency to build them for unrealistic scenarios. This then renders them to heavy to comfortably carry every day thus missing the point. (We’ve seen us do it too; don’t’ feel bad.)

So join us as we discuss the finer points and priorities of EDC kits.

EDC kits Topics Discussed:

  • What is an EDC kit and what is not
  • What are the priorities you should consider
  • A simple rule you can use to determine if an item deserves space in your bag
  • Using Inception packing to get organized
  • What’s in Justin’s kit
  • What’s in Aaron’s kit

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EDC Items Mentioned:

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