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E282: Your EDC Kits Made Astoundingly Useful

E282: Your EDC Kits Made Astoundingly Useful

EDC Kits are just as important, if not more, than BOBs. And like bug out bags, they are often built incorrectly. Your buddy Just Carroll drops by for a realistic discussion on simplifying your EDC.

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Preppers spend a lot of time and energy deliberating on EDC kits. But there is a tendency to build them for unrealistic scenarios. This then renders them to heavy to comfortably carry every day thus missing the point. (We’ve seen us do it too; don’t’ feel bad.)

So join us as we discuss the finer points and priorities of EDC kits.

EDC kits Topics Discussed:

  • What is an EDC kit and what is not
  • What are the priorities you should consider
  • A simple rule you can use to determine if an item deserves space in your bag
  • Using Inception packing to get organized
  • What’s in Justin’s kit
  • What’s in Aaron’s kit

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EDC Items Mentioned:

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