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E279: Once Upon an Apocalypse EMP with Jeff Motes

E279: Once Upon an Apocalypse with Jeff Motes

Author Jeff Motes drops by. He’s going to share with us how he crafted his Once Upon an Apocalypse series just for you.

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Jeff Motes started out answering preparedness questions of friends on social media. What started as just an intention to help friends turned into not one book… not two books… it turned into a three book series titled Once Upon an Apocaplyse. And a fourth on the way with possibly more.

By day, Jeff is an electrical engineer and master electrician. So, it is no surprise he picked an EMP for his book. In the process, he hopes to teach more people about preparedness from the perspective of three different levels of being prepared.

Once Upon an Apocalypse Topics Discussed with Jeff Motes:

  • How Jeff got into writing
  • The author(s) who inspire him
  • His favorite prepper fiction book
  • His favorite nonprepper book
  • What inspired Jeff to write the Once Upon an Apocalypse series
  • Is he just trying to tell a good story in a genre he loves or his he wrapping survival lessons in a story
  • How the series starts
  • Why he chose an EMP as the catalyst for the cataclysm
  • Where he draws inspiration for the characters and story
  • What did he find to be the hardest part when writing post-apocalyptic fiction
  • How writing these books changed Jeff Motes’ own preparedness journey
  • Jeff’s prepper fiction pet peeves
  • When the poop hits the fan blade, what will be Jeff’s long gun of choice
  • How long will he keep the series going
  • What can your readers expect next

Episode Resources:

In his free time, he enjoys hogging the remote, surfing, scotch, mental masturbation and debate over philosophical topics, and shooting stuff--usually not all at the same time.

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