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E215: Surprising New Perspective on the EMP Nightmare

E251: Surprising New Perspective on the EMP Nightmare

E215: Surprising New Perspective on the EMP Nightmare

An EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) attack is one of the top three most feared catastrophes by preppers. It is reported that there will be a 90% population die off in the first year after one occurs. And that’s just the start.

But do we know the truth about EMPs?

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Arthur Bradley Ph.D., a NASA Scientist, Electrical Engineer, and Certified EMI expert drops by to tell us the truth and destroy the myths.

An episode dedicated to discussing an EMP is one of the most requested topics In The Rabbit Hole gets. But we held off on doing it all these years. The reason was this: We wanted someone who had the credentials and background to speak on the topic expertly. That required a very special person who understood the physics, math, preppers, and prepper fiction.

Note: This episode is technical. We do our best to make the EMP topic approachable for everyone. But somethings just are what they are. With that…

Let’s. Discuss. EMPs!

EMP Topics Covered and Myths Dispelled:

  • Are EMPs a real threat or a Prepper fiction fantasy?
  • How much of what is spread around the community about EMPs is false?
  • The low-frequency high-destruction problem
  • Where do EMPs and CMEs overlap and where do they differ?
  • What are the conditions needed for an EMP to be generated and most effective?
  • Are there nuclear bombs optimized to maximize an EMP?
  • Are there any immediate physical dangers to people by an EMP?
  • What are the ways a bad actor can effectively use an EMP?
  • Can an EMP be used from an Airplane effectively?
  • Does tinfoil really work as shielding or is best left to headwater to keep out the alien mind control waves?
  • What will just stop working and what is a myth?
    • Will all cars die after an EMP?
    • Are batteries susceptible?
    • Will it fry Solar Systems?
    • Does the entry electric grid go down?
  • Will a gun safe protect your electronic gun optics?
  • Can you use a metal trashcan to protect electronics?
  • What products and DIY projects are available to protect electronics?

Episode Resources:

Announcement Made:

ITRH is getting rid of Facebook. There are two reasons for this.

For some time now Armada members asked for something more private and a solution that wasn’t Facebook. One member even told me she was only keeping her FB account active because she loved the private group so much. So we set up a Workspace using the Slack App and moved the ITRH Armada members a few days ago.

Why kill the public Facebook page?

There are a lot of moving parts to this. Chief among the reasons, they is selling your data. And the data collected is so Orwellian I just can’t take it anymore. There’s a lot in the news about this right now and a pretty big viral #DeleteFacebook groundswell.

The next reason, the platform doesn’t do anything for ITRH except suck time and money. ON a good day a post on the page reaches half of the people connected. Unless we pay to boost the post. So we do a lot of work to attract you to the page, tries to build a community, you voluntarily say you want to connect and they say pay up.

We’re all for paying an advertising platform to reach new people but paying for access to people already connected just burns me up.

It’s their business. They can do whatever they want. And you can do whatever you want. I’m just done with it and the ROI for the bunny just doesn’t add up.

In the rabbit hole will be spending its social media energy on Twitter. You can connect via @itrhsurvival.


In his free time, he enjoys hogging the remote, surfing, scotch, mental masturbation and debate over philosophical topics, and shooting stuff--usually not all at the same time.

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