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E247: Arthur Bradley on The Survivalist Series Interview

E247 The Survivalist Series Arthur Bradley Interview

Author Arthur Bradley drops by to share with us how and why he made The Survivalist series for you.

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Arthur Bradley is a NASA engineer by day and a prepper author by night. (A real NASA engineer, not like the sort of nonsense Jonathan Jason and myself used to tell women.)

This isn’t just a cool side-note. His vocation shapes the fiction he writes: Facts and realism play a key role.

And there’s a much deeper reason Bradley has all the potential to be a great prepper author. But we’ll get into that in the episode.

Beyond NASA and the fiction books, he’s also written a several non-fiction survival related book. And he’s something of an expert on EMPs.

From his bio:

His “Handbook to Practical Disaster Preparedness for the Family” has been featured in the New York Times, Money magazine, the Toronto Sun, Popular Mechanics, Men’s Journal, the Costco Connection. The handbook is widely recognized as the gold standard of family preparedness manuals.

The Survivalist Series and Arthur Bradley:

  • How he came to preparedness
  • How he came to writing before The Survivalist series
  • The authors who influence him
  • His favorite books
  • The disaster type that keeps him up at night
  • The inspiration for The Survivalist series
  • Is he telling a great story, teaching through a story, or both
  • Why he chose to write a Pandemic scenario book rather than an EMP book
  • His most important piece of survival gear
  • His go-to rifle of choice
  • The heartwarming story about the best $100 he never spent

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