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E192: Alana on the Reality of Reality Survival TV with

Reality Survival TV

In this episode, we sit down with Alana Barfield two-time contestant on Naked and Afraid; the reality survival tv show. She’s going to defend against internet trolls, tell us the reality of reality tv, bullies us, and organizes our sock draw to get us ready for the zombie apocalypse or whatever comes next…

Reality Survival TV is very popular and has been for some years now. And Alana jumped in naked and unafraid, as many of you know. In fact, we pretty much owned her episodes.

But we all had a lot of questions about the reality of reality survival tv. There were also questions about whether or not she’s really as big of a hot-tempered-bitch as she looked on the show. (She is a ginger, after all.)

And for those of us that knew her personally, it seemed out of character. Then there was how real is the survival experience portrayed. So now she sits down with us to share an honest behind the scenes look at the reality of reality survival tv or at least the show she was on.

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Reality Survival TV – Alana Barfield Tells All:

  • What to do if you find a ravine full of M&Ms
  • Dealing with people in a survival situation
  • How a lack of food shuts down your brain in a survival scenario
  • Surviving exaggerated emotions and conflicts
  • The time she almost tapped out
  • The time her fishing pole got stolen
  • How the experience of 40 days naked and afraid impacted her preps
  • Why she may never eat mangos again
  • The importance of spices in your preps you’re overlooking
  • There is no TGIF in the sticks
  • The negative publicity of being edited to a bitch on TV
  • The reality of reality tv
  • Crazy people stalking and calling her mom
  • Propositional letters from prison
  • Propositional letters from Russian admirers
  • Butt-hurt Americans
  • Lessons on dealing with the “I’m coming to your house crowd effectively
  • Turning your passions, and quirks, it into a business


In his free time, he enjoys hogging the remote, surfing, scotch, mental masturbation and debate over philosophical topics, and shooting stuff--usually not all at the same time.

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