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E191: Surviving Refugee Camp Hell

James Price drops by to discuss refugee camp survival. He’s going to share with us REAL WORLD lessons from refugee camps in SHTF situations.

If the balloon ever goes up and SHTF, refugee camps will undoubtedly spring up. And some of us may even find ourselves in them. You may say never. But survival doesn’t happen on our terms.

Many pontificate what these situations are like. We have some state side events we can draw historical lessons from such as when Katrina hit New Orleans. The stories were horrific; even the ones confirmed as real and not hearsay nonsense.

The conditions were deplorable. Relief workers couldn’t get too large groups of people for nearly a week. Bodies floated down streets. We all heard and read the horror stories. But this was a short-lived incident in the grand scheme of things.

What if S really hit the fan for an extended period of time?

As it turns out, James Price and his team of relief workers go in where others dare not. They often find themselves in active war zones at or over the front line.

So to say James has lessons we can learn on refugee camp survival, wouldn’t do his experience justice. And he’s happy to share the refugee camp stories, strategy and techniques for surviving, and more in this episode:

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Refugee Camp Survival Topics Discussed:

  • IDP – Internally Displaced Person
  • The bathroom situation
  • Bleach and bleach alternatives for killing germs and staying healthy
  • Things you may not have considered about water and transporting water
  • The number one thing you showed have on hand that most people don’t
  • How to train for the worst and be prepared for when anything goes wrong

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