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E108: Women in Survival

In this episode hosts Aaron and Jason interview female survival badass Alana Barfield. She’s a lifelong survivalist/prepper both in a rural and urban setting.

Often women feel unrepresented in the community. Their voices don’t get heard enough. Their concerns and needs aren’t talked about regularly. However today we get a chance to hear from a female survivalist, and she takes on being women in the community.

And this is the first of at least two episodes with Alana. Soon we’ll also be interviewing her on a mysterious adventure and survival challenge she undertook. (We can’t talk about that yet, though.)

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So join us as we discuss:

  • Guns and women
  • Female role models
  • Raising a female survivalist
  • Straddling the worlds of prepper and urbanite
  • Learning wild edible foraging
  • Unique issues for women in preparedness
  • Dating as a survivalist woman

Resources from this episode:

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