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ITRH Urban Survival Podcast

  • cows

E138: Micro-Ranching, How Anyone Can Do it

In this episode we discuss micro-ranching with an LA surfer boy turned Texas micro-rancher. He got his start without even owning any land. Listen now...
  • Marshall-Hoots

E137: Understand Bags, Backs, and Boots for Survival

Survival bags, packs, and boots can be an overwhelming topic for some, oddly. Join us as we uncomplicated the topic and break it all down. Listen now...
  • glen-tate-2

E136: Candid Conversations about Preparedness

In this episode author Glen Tate, author of the 299 Days book series, joins us once again. This is one of the most candid conversations we've had convincing others to prepare and sheeple. Listen now...
  • glen-tate-2

E135: Burning it all down with Glen Tate

We're joined by Glen Tate, author of the 299 Day's book series. The three of us discuss why Glen Tate thinks economic doom is coming soon. Listen now..

A quick history…

After years of being frustrated that no one was fully addressing the concerns of urban survivalists, Aaron and Jonathan took to the web and founded In The Rabbit Hole in February of 2010. Shortly after they’re long time friend and accomplice Jason joined the show to add a touch of “Red Neck Cajun”. Since then the show has enjoyed many great guests and a wide range of topics.

They are three city boys with a lifetime affinity for the outdoors, but a love of the city, passion for survival topics, and Libertarian Ideals.

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  • Potassium-permanganate-sample-full

Potassium permanganate: The Most Useful Survival Chemical

When people think about survival tools, chemicals are usually not one of the first things that come to mind. Potassium permanganate should though.

Also known as KMnO4, Condy’s Crystals and permanganate of potash, Potassium permanganate is […]

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  • S_Ranger_02

Ares Ranger Belt

Ares Ranger belts may just be the best on the market for the serious gear connoisseur. Hold up your pants and provide a solid platform for your gun. Read on...
  • titan-a_light

SureFire TITAN-A Ultra-Compact Keychain Light

A tough and tiny light for your keychain with a max output of 125 lumens. Read on...
  • power-pallet

Power Pallet

Want a gasification generator but don't have the time to build one? You're in luck. (Not so lucky for your wallet.) Read on...

Latest Gear

  • ITRH "Grey" Die Cut Sticker

ITRH “Grey” Sticker

The ITRH "Grey" die cut sticker is here! Designed specifically for those that wish to show their Roving Horde pride, but still be discreet! And at 2" x 1.5" it's just the right size to stick on just about anything. Get your's today...
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ITRH Roving Horde Patch


Due to the popularity of the ITRH Roving Horde Sticker, and by overwhelling request, the ITRH Roving […]

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ITRH Roving Horde Sticker

3" x 3" In The Rabbit Hole Roving Horde Sticker is now available. Put them on your Bug Out Vehicle, Bug Out Boat, Computer, iPad, or forehand. It's up to you. Get them while they're hot