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Episode 109: Finding Balance in the New Year

A big happy new year to you all. Hopefully everyone that’s been listen has joined us in this new year.

And, […]

Episode 108: Women in Survival

In this episode hosts Aaron and Jason interview female survival badass Alana Barfield. She’s a life long survivalist/prepper both in […]

Episode 107: Sailing for Survivalists Part II

In this episode hosts Aaron and Jason do a follow up interview with Jesse. And this time we dive even […]

Episode 106: Sailing for Survivalists Part 1

In this episode Aaron interviews a listener about sailing.

As many of you know, sailing has recently become a new topic […]

Episode 105: Aquaponics

In this episode hosts Aaron and Jason discuss Aquaponics with Rex from South Texas Aquaponics.

Growing your own food may not […]

Episode 104: Farm Update and Sailing

In this episode hosts Aaron and Jason discuss how not to raise chicks, the survival skill of sailing, and the […]

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Prepper Handgun Case

Recently, I had to fly to Phoenix with my handgun. And this sparked a search for a new gun hard case.

Admittedly, I already had a perfectly good Pelican case. […]

Tactical Poncho

Think Ponchos aren’t exciting? Maybe you’ve never seen the Hazard4 Poncho Villa Technical Soft Shell Poncho. (Not to be confused with Pancho Villa–the Mexican Revolutionary General.)

I’ve always carried a Poncho in my […]

Gerber Downrange Tomahawk

There’s something decidedly awesome about Tomahawks. Maybe it’s the little boy in me that wishes he was still out climbing trees, building potato cannons, riding BMX, or playing Cowboys and […]

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