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Ti2 Sentinel

Ti2 Sentinel puts a new design spin on an old caching idea. And to be frank, it seems pretty darn awesome.

Kicking around Kick Starter has become a bit of a distraction for me. I love seeing creative entrepreneurs/inventors/self starters bring their ideas to life. And then become successful with them, of course.

So digging through the listings, watching the videos, and buying/supporting projects gets addictive. And thinking about what I would put up quickly sends me into a day dreaming frenzy. (If only I had a few more hours in every day).

If you’ve never checked out Kick Starter you should. Not saying they are the only game in town. But it seems to have the most interesting things that pop up on it.

And it’s always fun to see people submit their great inventions that then blow up, get a whole lot more funding than they even asked for, and show a promising future.

This brings us back to the Ti2 Sentinel. They’re billing it as “…a titanium cache system to insure safe storage for essential items.”

Key Features include:

  • Made from grade 2 titanium, strong as steel at half the weight.
  • Water tight o-ring seal design.
  • Three piece design allows access from either end. Lodged items can be easily “pushed” through.
  • Fluted ergonomic grip areas.
  • Large ring slot can host a wide range of rings, clips, and lanyards.
  • Corrosion resistant.

…And it comes in a variety of sizes. Instead of just the typical small EDC keychain size.

  • S4S Outside 0.5″ x 2.75″, Internal 0.37″ x 1″
  • S4L Outside 0.5″ x 4.75″, Internal 0.37″ x 3″
  • S6S Outside 0.75″ x 3.63″, Internal 0.62″ x 1″
  • S6M Outside 0.75″ x 5.63″, Internal 0.62″ x 3″
  • S6L Outside 0.75″ x 8.63″, Internal 0.62″ x 6″
  • S8S Outside 1.0″ x 4.75″, Internal 0.87″ x 1.38″
  • S8M Outside 1.0″ x 6.38″, Internal 0.87″ x 3″
  • S8L Outside 1.0″ x 10.63″, Internal 0.87″ x 7.25″

Here’s a few more works from the Ti2…

NOTE: As always, for those that confuse easily, Friday Gear Reports are not endorsements or reviews. They’re about what’s new and “looks” and or “sounds” interesting.

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