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SilencerCo + Noveske = NEED!

We’re SBR and suppressor junkies, admittedly. Although, SBRs are a relatively new obsession for us.

At first we didn’t really get the functionality of SBRs. And it wasn’t until we had to jump in and out of vehicles in a DVM Mobile Scout class that we fully appreciated they’re usefulness. There’s nothing quite like falling out of a truck face first do to tripping over a full size rifle to put things in perspective for you.

A similar thing could be said about 300 Blackout: At first we didn’t really get it. It’s only effective to 300 meters! Who needs that?

The person who wants to have as small of a noise signature as possible. And a person who is dealing with close quarters distances to 300 meters. So basically anyone in an urban setting.


So when Jonathan forward me an email that simple read “NEED! See below.” I could only reply back with, “YES! NEED!”


Because one of our favorite rifle makers and suppressor makers teamed up. The result was a hot mess of a love child.

From the Summit Site:

This Summit collaboration between SilencerCo® and Noveske Rifleworks® features a Noveske Gen III rifle chambered in 300 Blackout with an 8″ barrel, paired with a color-matched, Summit-edition, direct thread SilencerCo Omega. The combination of included accessories and SilencerCo + Noveske engraving on the Omega and rifle make this package truly one-of-a-kind. Standard versions of the rifle and silencer in this collaboration are both on backorder – purchasing this package is the only way to get these specific items while avoiding additional wait times.


  • Noveske Gen III 8” 300 BLK Rifle
  • SilencerCo Omega – Color-Matched to Rifle
  • Omega Specifications: 7.62 Flat Front Cap & 5 x 24 Direct Thread Mount
  • AXTS™ Raptor Charging Handle
  • SD-3G Geissele™ Trigger
  • Magpul MOE™ SL Stock
  • Magpul MOE™ K2 Grip
  • Magpul MBUS™ Pro Sights
  • Noveske “Johnny Edition” Magpul PMAG™ 30
  • Matching Noveske + SilencerCo Engraving
  • Packaged in Pelican™ IM2600 with Custom Cut, High-Density Foam

Get more details here: SilencerCO Summit

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