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Lodge Grill

Review of The Lodge Cast Iron Sportsman’s Grill

Like most of us, I prefer survival gear that will reliably perform for the long haul.  When the time came to purchase a new grill, I could not resist the allure of the seemingly indestructible Lodge Cast Iron Sportsman’s Grill.  At costs ranging from about $200, this hibachi is a survival investment that can provide a number of solutions for years to come.  Among its uses are:

1.  The obvious – a standard charcoal grill.  The cast iron is preseasoned and I often spray it with olive oil before and after using it to maintain the season.

Lodge Grill

2. The Griddle – for an additional $29, a Lodge griddle can be added to create new cooking options.

IMG_5645  0210131219

3. I have also used skillets or even inverted dutch oven lids to fry on this bad boy.

Lodge Grill Cooking

4.  The grill grate can be used over a fire or coals from the fire if necessary.  Make sure to use hardwood if at all possible – pine, though it serves the purpose, can negatively affect the taste of food.


5. A smokepot.  The cast iron base, with the grill grate removed, easily holds coals and chips for making jerky and other dried meats.

0218131417  0218131421

6. Transport – The wire handle allows for the transport of coals or hot rocks for a number of survival applications.  Note that in the photo leather gloves were not necessary, although they are a good idea in an instance like this.


7. Dutch Oven Container – The grill base does a fabulous job of containing coals for dutch oven cooking.  Check out this peach cobbler!

0224131821b  0224131908a

8. Lastly, the grill base serves as an outstanding firepit (if near a deck or a house, make sure to monitor the fire as it shifts!)  As they say, “it just don’t get much better…”


When discussing survival, the conversation often involves the acquisition of food, as it should.  The Lodge Cast Iron Sportsman’s Grill can solve the problem of “how to cook your food once you catch it!”

You can get your Lodge Cast Iron Sportsman’s Grill HERE.

Editor’s note: Thanks, John!  John also blogs at, so please check it out.



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