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7 Survival Car Bag Items

Often the most over looked survival bag is the one that lives in your vehicle. That’s mainly because we put so much time and energy into a BOB that tends to live at home.

But (assuming you survived Thanks Giving) it’s that time of year when a lot of people are traveling by car. And it’s that time of year when we tend to be hauling our most precious cargo: family.

So here’s seven items to get you over the hill and through the woods. Then back home safe again.

…And these are also great stocking stuffers/gifts for the survivalist on your list.

#1: Canteen

Water takes is place in the top three survival needs. And when traveling it’s no less important. But some people have concerns about leaving water in a vehicle in a plastic container. Enter the 64oz Klean Canteen.

#2: Emergency Rations

Food also tops the list of survival needs. Yet it also has it’s own set of problems when it comes to storing in a vehicle. For that we turn to products specifically designed for such conditions: Datrex  Emergency Food Bars.

They won’t be great for your Palio Diet. But they will last for an extended period in the ever changing conditions a vehicle presents.

#3: Emergency Sleeping Bag

Cars and trucks these days have really great climate control systems. But if our vehicle is inoperable chances are good so is the heater. So rather than being uncomfortalbe or worse–suffering from hyperthermia–add something to keep your warm.

I’m not trading in my highend down sleeping bag anytime soon when camping. But the SOL Emergency Bivvy is perfect for a car emergency bag. It’s lightweight, compact, and I’ve yet to read/watch any reviews that find issue with the SOL bag.

Leatherman New Wave#4: Multitool

Over the years I’ve tried out many mutitools. But the Leatherman Wave still comes in first place. It’s just the right amount and types of tools and it’s comfortable in the hand.

#5: The Road Side Kit

I know, I’m kind of cheating with this one. But a roadside kit that includes such things as signals, jumper cables, gloves, and a flashlight really is a must. And while piecing together a best of the best kit is the way to go for motor heads, the rest of us can go with the AAA 73 Piece Excursion Road Kit.

#6: Light

Seems things always go wrong in the dark. And holding a flashlight takes up one of your two hands when you always seem to need both. So rather than chipping a tooth on and drooling all over your tactical flashlight, get a headlamp.

I’ve long been a proponent of headlamps over flashlights. And the Energizer 7 LED Headlight is a good price meets quality mark.

#7: Backup Phone Charger

The best way to get out of a bad situation is often to call for help. But that’s hard to do if you’ve let your cell phone die. And if the issue leaving you stranded is the car battery, you’re SOL (aka Shit Out of Luck).

Recently on a trip I opted to leave my Joos Orange at home. And I then, on my return flight, promptly forgot my charger at the place I was visiting. Thankfully the clever folks at Best Buy have installed electronics vending machines in air ports. This is where I was introduced to the Mophie Powerstation (It’s also about $10 cheaper through Best Buy–the link–than Amazon).

It’s not cheap. But it does exactly what it says it will, charges quickly, is lightweight, and compact. So I’ve been very happy with mine that now lives in my EDC bag.

Stay safe…

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