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16 01, 2012

E51: 1 Year Anniversary

By | 2016-10-15T00:10:19+00:00 January 16th, 2012|Urban Survival Podcast Episodes|3 Comments

Host Aaron and Jonathan are joined by Jason and Jeep to discuss lessons learned from the past year and what to expect going forward...

7 06, 2011

Urban Chickens

By | 2016-10-15T00:15:41+00:00 June 7th, 2011|Self Sufficiency, Survival Skills|3 Comments

I said I was not going to do it any time soon when talking to friends about my Self Sufficiency project, but it happened anyway. Chickens. Yes, chickens. Painfully dumb, yet adorably entertaining chickens. But, they couldn't be just any urban chickens, oh no. Being the dazzling urbanite farmers we are, we had to get [...]

11 04, 2011

E11: More About Us

By | 2016-10-15T00:15:55+00:00 April 11th, 2011|Urban Survival Podcast Episodes|5 Comments

Hosts Aaron Frankel and Jonathan Kanarek give listeners a more in depth "About Us" about the show and it's purpose.

28 03, 2011

E9: The Most Important Survival Skill

By | 2016-12-31T17:41:34+00:00 March 28th, 2011|Urban Survival Podcast Episodes|1 Comment

The Most Important Survival Skill

21 02, 2011

E4: Dogs & Life After Terrorism

By | 2016-12-31T17:39:50+00:00 February 21st, 2011|Urban Survival Podcast Episodes|2 Comments

Today we are joined by former breeder and dog trainer Jason McConniel for a discussion about dogs. We also have a review of the book Life After Terrorism by Bruce D. Clayton, Ph.D.