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E4: Dogs & Life After Terrorism

Today we are joined by former breeder and dog trainer Jason McConniel for a discussion about dogs. We also have a review of the book Life After Terrorism by Bruce D. Clayton, Ph.D.

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Topic 1: Dogs for the Urban Survivalist

The first episode of many to include Jason, the show’s “Redneck Resource.” Jason walks us through the things we need to consider when selecting a dog:

  • What dog is right for you
  • Top five dogs for urban survival
  • Finding a dog breeder
  • Jason’s two cents on dog rescue services
  • Heath concerns to be mindful of when shopping for a dog
  • Tips for finding a good veterinarian
  • Cost considerations when selecting a dog
  • Bug-out bags for dogs
  • First-aid kits for dogs
  • Food storage for dogs
  • Pet First-aid classes
  • Pet First Aid books.

Plans are already in the works for a second survival-dog episode, in which we will delve deeper into the topic.

Topic 2: Book Review Of Life After Terrorism

A full written review of Life After Terrorism will be released a week or two from the date of this podcast.


  • The book is actually well written and entertaining to read.
  • Life After Terrorism is grounded in reality, and provides sane advice.
  • Author Bruce D. Clayton, Ph.D., stays out of political and religious discussions.

Short Comings:

  • Another survival book author preaches moving to the country.
  • The book was published in 2002 and is already a little dated, which unfortunately is inevitable for books dealing with current events.

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