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Prepper Handgun Case

case-600-270 Recently, I had to fly to Phoenix with my handgun. And this sparked a search for a new gun hard case.

Admittedly, I already had a perfectly good Pelican case. But I’m always up for looking at new toys. And that’s when I ran across the Prepper Handgun Case. (The name caught my eye–I’m simple.)

This case looks like something you’d see in a spy movie or perhaps an episode of 24. And it makes most cases with foam cutouts look like child’s play.

Aesthetics aside, the interior seems to be well laid out. There are angled slots for 2 handguns, ample slots for magazines, and even a dedicated area for accessors like hearing and eye protection. Plus, there are other configurations of the case that accommodate up to 6 handguns.

More Features:

  • Accommodates semi-automatic handguns up to 9.25″ and revolvers with a barrel length up to 4″
  • Rubber-cushioned handgun slots
  • Ambient pressure equalization valve and o-ring seal
  • Easy-trigger latches allow the case to be padlocked for security

Currently, the cases seem to only be sold directly through CaseCruzer. Check them out: Prepper Handgun Case

As a side note: If you’re ever in the Phoenix area and looking for a nice place to shoot, checkout the Scottsdale Gun Club. Great shooting range!

PS: Yes, this is why the show is late: I was in Phoenix getting a certification for work. And I didn’t want to announce to the world I would be out of town. So the show will be back next week now that I’m back.

In his free time, he enjoys hogging the remote, surfing, scotch, mental masturbation and debate over philosophical topics, and shooting stuff--usually not all at the same time.

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