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Heatstick: Flameless Portable Hot Water

Said to be a revolutionarily product, the Heatgear Heatstick heats your water without flame and in your bottle. Great of extreme conditions and when you’re on the move.

The Heatstick utilizes a chemical reaction rather than relaying on flames to heat water. Thus it can be–and is supposed to be–attached to your water bottle. Once in place it quickly heats the water sterilizing it and making it ready to rehydrate dehydrate rations.

Two very interesting features, from the manufacturer:

Stealth Performance

HEATSTICK is ideal for use at night and in hostile environments. It doesn’t emit any light, making it undetectable by night goggles. It has a neutral thermal signature during use (same as body temperature). Plus, it’s silent and odorless.


Use Under Any Conditions

The HEATSTICK operates optimally under any wind/precipitation conditions, and in a temperature range from -30C to + 50C.

At $400 the contraption–plus the cost of the canisters–is a bit steep. Actually, it’s a lot steep. But none the less, the Heatgear Heatstick is a pretty cool bit of survival gear. Checkout the video below for a quick demo…

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