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Source Universal Tap Adapter

Source Universal Tap Adaptor

Time is of the essence whether it’s hunting down enemy combatants or just staying ahead of the zombies. Source claims to save you time–and hassle–with their Universal Tap Adapter (UTA). An adapter that allows you to easily fill your Hydration Pack on the go.

The UTA gives the user the ability to quickly fill their Hydration pack via the mouth piece rather than through intended fill port. Simply pop off the bite valve and replace it with the UTA. Attach a water source and your back in business in no time.

For integrated packs the UTA doesn’t seem to offer a lot of advantages. However, the Source’s Universal Tap Adapter would be especially helpful in water bladders that fit into larger packs. No more digging, fumbling, and hassles filling water bladders buried in large BOBs.

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