//Columbia River Knife and Tool CRKT Multi Tool

Columbia River Knife and Tool CRKT Multi Tool

Multi Tools are often a favorite amongst survivalists. Even Less Straud once mentioned in an episode of Survivor Man that he often forgoes a full knife in favor of a multi tool.

Recently, the multi tool market just got a little more interesting. Columbia River Knife and Tool has recently released a multi tool with a lot going for it they’ve named the CRKT Multi Tool.

Featuring a utility blade, sawtooth blade, mulit-fit box wrench, wire strippers, and fast spring-opening Phillips and regular screwdriver, and a bottle opener–for when the jobs done. In addition, the CRKT Multi Tool also comes with additional driver bits–something usually sold separately.

At 1.2″ think the CRKT Multi Tool still won’t fit in your back pocket all to comfortable. But it’s still not a boat anchor in your pants.

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  1. Joie Gahum September 6, 2017 at 7:23 am - Reply

    I wonder if this will be better as my leatherman and roadeavour.

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