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Friday Gear Report: 7/15/11

Kobold has carved out a niche in recent years by building beautifully designed rugged watches. Their client list reads like a who’s who of adventurers, Sopranos, and special ops units. Recently they unveiled a second in their line of tactical watches with subdued style.

Almost ten years after introducing the original Phantom Tactical Chronograph, Kobold is unveiling the Phantom Black Ops. The watch was designed with the help of U.S. Navy SEALs, who require a more stealth-like timepiece. Assembled and tested in Kobold’s facilities in Pittsburgh, the Phantom Black Ops features a stainless steel case entirely made in the USA. Hence, the Phantom Black Ops proudly displays its city and state of origin on its dial. The surgical-grade steel case is DLC-coated and matte black in appearance. On the dial, the subdials, chronograph hands and day/date display stand in reduced contrast to the main time display, while the luminous hands and hour markers are finished in a distinctive green color. As a result, the Phantom black Ops is the most legible chronograph Kobold has produced in its brief 12 year history.

At a list price of $4,650 I will not be rushing out to grab a Phantom Black Ops, but a boy can still drool.

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