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Friday Gear Report: 7/08/11

Water is one of the most essential items needed for survival. After a disaster, clean drinkable water can be extremely difficult to come by.

Large water storage tanks litter the market. Few address the survival and preparedness community directly. The SuperTanker 250 and 125, on the other hand, are specifically designed for preparedness minded people.

The SuperTanker series of water storage containers feature:

  • FDA & HPB approved food grade polyethylene.
  • Easy to read at a glance markers.
  • Recessed spout for filling 5 (+/-) gallon water containers.
  • 28 width for fitting through most doors.
  • Takes up less floor space than a 55 Gallon drum.
  • Ball valve for draining.
  • Spring loaded vented cap with gasket to keep the tank from air locking when dispensing water.
  • Seamless construction.

It’s not cheap. At $295 in the US market, they have a price tag to match their uniqueness. On top of that, shipping is a bear. But, considering the value of potable water, it may be worth it.

The importation of the SuperTankers into the US is rather limited with only a handful of retailers. However, the most responsive retailer I found was Emergency Preparedness Northwest.


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