How about a knife designed by one of the pivotal people from Emergency who taught Neil Strauss how to survive.

Kevin Reeve, of onPoint Tactical, recently released a knife in conjunction with TOPS Knives known as the onPoint.

Survival knives are a difficult breed to design. They must meet the needs for many jobs, hold an edge, and be rugged. With a flat grind blade made of 1095 steel and coated in Black Traction Coating the onPoint stands out in a higher class of survival knives.

From TOPS:

The onPoint Tactical knife is designed as a utility/survival knife. Over the past fifteen years teaching wilderness survival I have tried and used literally hundreds of knives. I have seen every innovation and conversely every gimmick out there. What became clear to me many years ago is that you do not need a huge Rambo-type knife for survival. In fact, most survival tasks require fine motor control and precision, which is very difficult with a large blade. My favorite knives over the past several years have all had short 3 ½” blades.

The sweep of the blade means it can be used for skinning, and the distal taper means it penetrates well for fighting.

onPoint Knife

Kevin Reeve using the onPoint

The canvas Micarta scales further  the quality of the knife by offering superior grip and durability. The onPoint also features a hidden compartment under the scales for stowing addition survival tools.

Adequate finger groves and jibbing look to provide a solid grip without ruining the simplicity of the knife’s style.

All too often knife designers build a blade that can’t be sharpened easily. Care must be taken not to mar the knife. Personally, I am very pleased to see that the blade’s edge does not come flush to the ricasso.

At its introductory price of $139.95 the OnPoint by Kevin Reeve and Tops Knives looks like a great all around survival knife at a very reasonable price.

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