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Friday Gear Report: 7/01/11

Need to flee a building like special forces?

Every Friday we bring you new, strange, and outlandish gear. Recently I wondered if anyone made a compact repelling rig. As it turns out New England Ropes had asked a similar question.


Maxim Micro Rappel System by New England Ropes

Designed in collaboration with the U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Center and for the U.S. Military Special Forces, the Micro Rappelâ„¢ system is a compact, lightweight two-mode system that converts from a belt to a harness in seconds. The system includes the rappel harness/belt, descender, two carabiners, deployment bag, usage log, instruction sheet, and 82 feet of 5mm Tech Cord with chafe guard. The leg straps for the harness are stowed in the belt. To deploy, the user pulls the leg loop out of the side pouches in the belt, pulls them down the front, in-between the legs, around the back of the leg, and back up. The leg loops and belay loop are then connected with a carabiner (included). The attached deployment bag holds the rope, carabiners, and descent device. The Micro Rappel kit provides a quick means of escape from any potentially volatile situation and requires special instruction and training.

Tech Cord is an extremely strong cord and extremely abrasion resistant that is perfect for cordelette. The polyester sheath surrounds a parallel fiber core of 100% Technora, resulting in a cord that gets extremely high tensile strength (3,000 pound tensile for 3mm; 5,000 pound tensile for 5mm). Tech Cord is perfect for balancing anchors and slinging chocks and hexes, and can be used as an emergency rap line. The reported tensile strength of Tech Cord, as with any rope, can be significantly reduced when used with a knot.

  • 82 feet of 5mm Tech Cord
  • Adjustable harness and easy to conceal but always ready for instant action
  • Surpasses US military specification Mil-std-858 Method T102
  • Tensile strength 5mm: 5,000 lbs.


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