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Lock Picking for Survival

Spy skills aren’t just fun to impress your friends with. They’re also very useful even if you aren’t on a secret mission. James Bond had Q to devise clever gadgets and gear to get him through those tight spots. But who do you have?

Seems Maker Shed…

Lock picking was one of my favorite skills from Emergency. The skill has actually come in handy many times in the last couple of years–not in a nefarious sort of way.

The problem is: I hate carrying around a bag of picks.

Eventually I found the Bogota Lock Picks and bought them from one of the characters in Emergency. However, there is another set that looks even more convenient to keep up with.

From Maker Shed:

This handy lock-picking tool set will fit in your wallet next to your other cards and can be quickly snapped apart when a situation arises. After the tools have been removed you can put the tension wrenches in your wallet and put the lock picks on your key chain, ready for your next emergency.

The downside is that they can’t be put back into their original form once used. But you still have a nice little set of picks.

TOOL Lock Pick Card

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