Carbon Fiber Knives

Think knives need to be made of metal or ceramics? Guess again…

Meet the Carbon Fiber Escort I, II, and III. It comes in three versions: a single-edged blade and two daggers.

While Carbon Fiber Gear is not the only manufactures of carbon fiber knives, they do seem amongst only a few producing them. They are also one of the few that are not “custom” and carrying the custom price tag.

What are they good for? Uhhhhmmm, aside from be neat, they are extremely light-weight and not metal (use your imagination).

From the manufacturer:

Escort Carbon Fiber Dagger Knife
The Escort weighs just 31.2 grams, a tiny bit over 1 ounce. The design features a slot in the blade. The knife is 7 3/8″ long and 1″ wide with a blade thickness of .100″ and handle thickness of .300″.

Escort II Carbon Fiber Dagger Knife

The Escort II weighs just 24.5 grams, a tiny bit under 1 ounce. The knife features a honeycomb design, helping to lighten its weight. The knife is 8″ long and 1″ wide with a blade thickness of .100″ and handle thickness of .300″.

Escort III Carbon Fiber Dagger Knife

The Escort III weighs just 20.67 grams, under 1 ounce. This is the lightest of the bunch, but still incredibly strong. The knife is 9″ long and 1.250″ wide with a blade thickness of .100″ and handle thickness of .300″.

Please keep in mind that carbon fiber does not offer a super sharp blade on the knife, it’s not really meant for cutting, but rather for self-defense/stabbing. The blade does not hold an edge, but can be “sharpened’ by simply using a sandpaper or even a sharpening stone.

The Escort series is available through Carbon Fiber Gear.

Note/Warning: Just because they are not subject to traditional detection methods does not mean they should be used in that manner. Don’t be foolish…

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  1. Bill March 23, 2012 at 5:15 pm - Reply

    The carbon fiber knives are “tacti-kool,” but, it made me go to and look around there. Wow, what a selection. I’m cashing in my shopping cart full of aluminum cans and going shopping…after I’ve had my Katz Coffee of course.

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