Your BitCoin Cash buddy Joey King drops by. We discuss what the heck is going on with cryptocurrencies and what the future may hold.

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Disclaimer: Here’s the thing: You’re about to listen to two guys on the interwebs talk about money. So here’s your big warning. Do you own homework, invest in things at your own risk. This is for entertainment purposes only. We’re not giving you financial advice. I’m not responsible for the shenanigans you get up to. In fact, I might not even be wearing pants today. Again, guys on the internet talking about things. You’ve been warned.

BitCoin, BitCoin Cash, and Other Topics Discussed:

  • What’s the biggest story going on right now?
  • Why has the bear market continued for the last 10-months?
  • Will Amazon ever accept BitCoin or other cryptos?
  • The utility gap and why it’s holding all cryptos back.
  • Is the technology getting more approachable at a meaningful pace?
  • A BitCoin boom to $40,000 claim is being made; true, false, possible, or not possible?
  • Does Joey live 100% crypto and if so, who does he do it?

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