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Shelby Gallagher

E265: What Happens When a Country Tears Apart

Author Shelby Gallagher drops in for her first ITRH interview. We discuss her book The Divide, her story, and some scary goings-on in Oregon.

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Author bio:

Shelby Gallagher is a pseudonym. Shelby resides in the Pacific Northwest. She writes from her first-hand experience working in and around state capitols and has observed why a collapse is coming and how it may unfold. She is a parent and active prepper.

A little about the book:

Julie Atwood is a single mom struggling to get by. As if things weren’t hard enough, S begins to HTF and she’s forced to put your preps and wits into action.

The urgency of her efforts takes on new importance as society begins unraveling around her. America is divided. Conservatives and liberals are at war. Then the newly elected president cuts funding to the so-called Sanctuary States, including her home state of Oregon. Julie loses her job. Everyone who lives off the government gets desperate. Riots. Crime. Fire.

Shelby Gallagher shares The Divide

  • How Shelby became a prepper through couponing.
  • Why she wrote the book.
  • How she came to writing.
  • The events in her area of the US that sparked her desire to write a prepper fiction book.
  • How she got tangled up with that Glen Tate character.
  • The ways writing the book has impacted her real life preparations.
  • The concerns of a single mom survivalist.
  • About the time she realized she needed a bug out location, but didn’t have one anymore.
  • The item she considers her most important piece of survival equipment.
  • What she considered the best $100 she’s ever spent on preparedness.
  • What’s next for her?

Episode Resources:

In his free time, he enjoys hogging the remote, surfing, scotch, mental masturbation and debate over philosophical topics, and shooting stuff--usually not all at the same time.

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