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E264: Lessons From Gun Control in the Third Reich

Gun control in the Third Reich is referenced in firearms regulations debates often. Yet, concrete information wasn’t readily available, until now. Fortunately, Stephen Halbrook took up the challenge.

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Stephen Halbrook is an author, lawyer, and champion of the 2nd Amendment. And he’s going to share with us a history lesson of gun control from Nazi German through his book Gun Control in the Third Reich.

Restrict or absolution gun rights they say…

Force people to register their firearms they say…

What could go wrong, it’s for the greater good they say.

History has something to say on the topic. And Stephen Halbrook spent 20-years collecting, analyzing, and distilling the information into a book. Join us as he walks us through some of the salient points and takeaways.

Gun control in the Third Reich Topics Discussed

  • Why was this a book he felt he must write this book?
  • Who were some of the “enemies of the state” the Nazi went after?
  • How the Nazi used gun registries to collect firearms and subjugate a population swiftly.
  • How the Nazi used firearms registries of other nations to subjugate the populous of nations they invaded.
  • An exploration of the unintended consequences caused by firearms regulation measures instituted by the Weimar Republic.
  • Dismantling the argument that gun laws were strick in Germany before the Nazi took power.
  • Exploring the calls for caution within the Weimar Republic to safeguard gun registries
  • The dark unintended consequences of creating laws for “the greater good” and how they used them against the people of a nation.
  • Were the arguments for and against gun laws much different than contemporary debates?
  • Why have historians ignored this topic in all the writings on World War II?
  • The lessons from the 1942 Warsaw ghetto uprising and other armed resistance movements.
  • What is the Independent Institute?

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In his free time, he enjoys hogging the remote, surfing, scotch, mental masturbation and debate over philosophical topics, and shooting stuff--usually not all at the same time.

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