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E232: How to Increase Wealth and Survive Your Likely Disaster

E232 Increase Wealth and Survive Disasters

In this episode, Joshua Sheats of Radical Personal Finance stops by. He’s going to share with us some fundamental truths of how to increase wealth and how to survive the most likely disaster to impact your life.

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Money doesn’t come up often enough in the preparedness community. Sometimes there’s talk of having cash on hand for emergencies. Other times there’s talk of gold and silver investing, bitcoins, and other more unconventional stores of wealth.

And there’s sometimes talk of being debt free.

But what does it take to be financially secure, resilient, and having a life you love. After all, if you’ve got lots of money and hate your life, what’s the point? Plus, if you don’t know what you’re working towards besides retirement do you know retirement is going to be successful?

Today’s guest helps us start on the road to taking a long hard look and action to get you closer to increasing your wealth so you can survive personal disasters. And it helps you live a better more fulfilled life today.

Increase Wealth and Surviving the Likely Person Disasters:

  • The behavior difference between the wealthy and the broke
  • The value of direct, practical, and time-saving advice
  • Three ways people get into credit card debt and how to undo
  • Secured Debt vs. Unsecured Debt
  • Developing a debt plan
  • Getting pissed off enough to do something
  • Setting Clear Financial Goals with a result
  • Using questions to set goals
  • Questioning the magic retirement age of 65 (the lies we’ve been sold)
  • First steps for making financial change
  • The devious history of retirement
  • How the government lies about the unemployment rate
  • When retirement was a curse
  • How to quit your job and do something you love safely
  • The three laws of how to increase wealth
  • The biggest culprits bleeding your bank account
  • Marrying the academic integrity of financial advice with practical real word output
  • Joshua’s prepper pet peeve

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