In this episode, we sit down with Stefan Gleason. He’s going to share with us his deep knowledge of the precious metals market. It’s a long overdue episode, and you’ll learn all the basics of buying gold or silver for your prepper stash.

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How to Buy Silver and Gold for Preppers:

  • What role do precious metals play in a good preparedness plan?
  • What was the Gold Standard?
  • How has going off the Gold Standard impacted our paper money and inflation?
  • What is the “War on Gold”?
  • Would things ever get bad enough for us to need gold or silver for barter?
  • What are the tax implications for doing business in gold or silver?
  • How to get started with physical gold and silver?
  • Gold vs. Silver for preppers: Why one over the other?
  • What’s the best value — rounds, bars, or coins?
  • Are rare, collectible, or proof coins a good buy or a dangerous venture?
  • What’s the best gold or silver buying strategy for preppers?
  • How do individuals sell gold and silver?
  • How to choose a precious metals dealer.
  • What are ETFs?
  • Can you be the custodian and physically hold your gold or silver in an IRA?