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E227: How to Make an Awesome Pantry for Disasters Big and Small

Daisy Luther - The Pantry Primer

In this episode, Daisy Luther drops back by. We discuss starting and stocking your prepper pantry, cutting the grocery bills, and being a foodie in the apocalypse.

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Let’s face it, building out and stocking a good pantry isn’t sexy for most of us. It’s meticulous work requiring a lot of thought and care — especially for new preppers.  Stocking food and water doesn’t go bang, isn’t shiny, won’t word off zombies, and isn’t something we can brag to our friends about. (Well you could, but it’s not advisable.)

And it can require a lot of planning ahead. You must know what your family will and won’t’ eat. There’s no point in stocking and squirreling away food items if it’s going to go uneaten. You may be thinking, “they can just eat it or go hungry” or you may be thinking, “if they’re hungry enough they will eat it”. But this creates unnecessary stress for everyone. Why bother?

But with a bit of thought, planning, observation, and smart buying you can put together a great pantry. Then it’s just a matter of maintenance; that’s the easy part.

There are many considerations, obviously. Fortunately, Daisy did most of the thinking for you and shares her great tips and strategies with you in this episode…

Building out a Propper Prepper Pantry Topics Discussed:

  • Where to begin
  • Why it’s important
  • Leveraging a pantry for saving money and budgeting
  • What are good food items to store
  • How to store food with bugs and vermin in mind
  • Keeping everything organized
  • Staying on top of what you have so you don’t waste or turn meal time preparation into a scavenger hunt
  • The place for freeze dried food

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