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Author Sara Hathaway

E226: A Young Woman’s Story of Survival in a Mad World

Author Sara Hathaway

We sit down with author Sara Hathaway; the creator of Day After Disaster and The Changing Earth series. She shares with us her writing story and thoughts on female preppers.

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Female preppers tend to be greatly outnumbered by their male counterparts. Most informal reports put the percentages at 30% female and 70% male.

The disparity between the sexes is also evident in prepper fiction. It is dominated by male characters — often overly stylized super-soldier types. And this get’s boring after a while. So when something, anything, different comes along, we tend to take notice.

Author Sara Hathaway is herself a female prepper. And she’s damn proud of it — as she should be. So her crafting a series of prepper fiction books featuring a strong female character is no surprise.

But some women’s reactions to Sara’s works are rather surprising. Listen in to hear this and many other topics…

Author Sara Hathaway:

  • Who is she
  • How did she become a writer
  • What is Sara’s go to rifle in the apocalypse
  • If she could only have one thing in a collapse, what would it be
  • What’s the best $100 she’s ever spent on preparedness


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