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E225: How to Easily Navigate the Fascinating World of Navigation

Survival Navigation

In this episode, we’re joined by author Glen Martin to discuss navigation skills for preppers, survivalists, and everyone else.

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Lots of events can knock out your ability to use GPS to find your way. The issue could be as mundane as a dead phone battery or something more widespread and dire.

We speak often on the show about a common fear many modern preppers have: a lights-out-grid-down event while away from home. It’s a terrifying daymare for a number of reasons.

Navigation skills are an often overlooked skill. Partly this is due to the perception of it being a non-sexy skill. And this may also be due to the perceived difficulting in learning and practicing the skill.

But it turns out, it’s easier than you might think. And there are some fun tricks. This includes one where your dog tries to tell you which way is north in an exceptionally odd way.

These skills and techniques don’t necessarily require you to head out to the great outdoors; most can be learned and practiced in your own backyard. So your excuses for not learning are null here. And this is not a skill you want to attempt figuring out when you need it most.

Navigation Skills for Preppers Topics Discussed:

  • His backstory
  • Why Martin wrote Prepper’s Survival Navigation
  • The case for learning how to navigate overland
  • Why not simply use a GPS and forget about learning the skill
  • Teaching kids about how to navigate overland
  • Talent vs pure skill
  • Simple exercises for learning and retaining the skill
  • Orienteering for fun and education
  • Wilderness survival tips for in case you get lost

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